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Mobile Marketing Tube (MMT) is a mobile consulting company that offers a full range of services to engineer a successful revenue-enhancing mobile marketing campaign for your business.
We offer the most Affordable, Highest Quality and Innovative Mobile services for Small Businesses.


Even if for any reason, your business is not ready for a Mobile Site, or Mobile App, or Mobile Web App check our Unique Services:



Dynamic Automated QR Codes




More people use mobile devices than laptops and desktop computers combined. Dynamic Automated QR codes are the latest trend in mobile marketing, and now you can also use them to engage your customers. Using a smartphone’s camera, customers can scan QR codes on your front door and marketing materials.

– Dynamic Automated QR Codes campaigns starting at $270.00 (one time setup) and $27 a month (ask about specific needs… Events / Specials / Coupons / Mobile Website / Mobile App / Web App / Landing Page..and more!)



Web Push Notifications



Send push notifications directly to user phones! This was reserved in the past only to expensive Mobile Apps …. NOT anymore.

Push Notifications are sent to user’s mobile device. When they click on the notification, they are authenticated and placed on the web page of choice for interaction and engagement. The user is engaged by your message and sent to the page where you want them to go, and the page where they want to be.
You will be given access to your own Web Push Dashboard and be able to send Push Notifications to user’s mobile devices whenever you want.
Here is an example of a push notification (message) that will appear on user’s mobile devices:
1 – visitors land on a webpage or mobile page. They are presented to a “Subscribe V.I.P” or “Free Download” button.
2 – Once they click on the “Subscribe V.I.P” or “Free Download” button they are redirected to a Download page which is simply an easy “one-click-install”.
3 – After the installation of a small “Web Push App” (less than 2meg), users will start receiving messages on their phones from ! This is called “Web Push notifications” . This Fantastic marketing tool will help you gain client retention, client loyalty, thus resulting in increase of sales for your Business.

Note: we also create a QR code in order for users to download the “Web Push Notifications” App. As soon as they scan it, the App will be installed directly on the user’s phone.

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– Web Push Notifications Setup starting at $270.00 (one time setup) $47 a month


QR Geo Analytic Tracking Stats



If you want to add even more power to your QR Code Marketing campaigns, then use our “QR Geo Analytic Tracking”.

See an example of what “Geo Analytic Tracking Stats” can provide for your Marketing campaigns (click here or on the image for full size and more details)



– QR Geo Analytic Tracking starting at $270.00 (one time setup) and $47 a month (ask about specific needs… Events / Specials / Coupons / Mobile Website / Mobile App / Web App / Landing Page..and more!)



Need both QR code services above? Starting at just $370.00 (one time setup) and only $67.00 a month , there has never been a better time to increase sales and client retentions for your business with MMT!




Mobiles Sites



74% of smartphone shoppers make a purchase as a result of using their smartphones to help with shopping, and 88% of those who look for local information on their smartphones take action within a day.
70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour
Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons




  Why You need a Mobile Site?



How Customers Benefit from Mobile sites

– User friendly

– Loads fast

– Easy to see

– Easy to read

– Easy to take action

– Easy to find your location

– Special offers and coupons

– Drives targeted traffic that wants to buy

– Online retailers – a mobile site can increase consumer engagement by 85%

– Website visitors are 51% more likely to do business with an online retailer with a mobile site

Let’s Get Started …. We will customize a Mobile product for your Business to start generating revenue through the most effective marketing tool used today. MMT will also give you a Free analysis of your business positioning with the top search Engines along with Reputation reviews report and consultation based on those results!


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– Mobile Website Set Up and Design starting only at $267.00 (one time setup)
Set Up, Design includes Client Logo, 4 Tabs/Pages – Tap To call – Directions – Contact – Services or About
Add-on : Web Push Notifications starting at $47.00 a month including up to 20,000 *Push Notifications/month. * Additional Pushes: $0.005

– Single Mobile Landing Page starting at $77.00 (one time setup)
Add-on : Web Push Notifications starting at $47.00 monthly Maintenance including up to 20,000 *Push Notifications/month) * Additional Pushes: $0.005




Web Apps




What’s a Web App or Mobile Web App?

A Web App (or Mobile Web App) provides a much faster and cost-effective alternative to the App stores while still offering rich and interactive experiences to the user.

Here is an example of a Web App:


Mobile Web Apps are browser-based apps, and therefore:

They work across all platforms, even older mobile devices and basic phones
They are a lot easier and cheaper to manage (since you are managing one version that works across all devices)
Their content could be updated immediately
Consumers are still able to save the app icon on their phone’s home screen
No app-store approval hassle for you, or download hassle for your users – the app can be made available via a QR code or by going to a short mobile URL.


Mobile web apps are reusable and easily updatable, and can be applied in a variety of scenarios:

– as a destination for mobile Google Adwords or any mobile ads
– as a destination for QR codes
– with Google Places
– with newsletters
– with TV or radio ads (just mention your mobile web address)


And best of all – you have full control over the content. Last minute “hot deal” changes? Need to update your location phone number? Need to include the latest pictures? No problem


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– Web Apps (our personal favorite for Small Businesses, ask us why) Set Up, Design and QR code starting at $397.00 (one time setup)
Set Up, Design includes Client Logo, 4 Tabs/Pages – Tap To call – Directions – Contact – Services or About
Add-on : Web Push Notifications starting at $47.00 a month including up to 20,000 *Push Notifications/month. * Additional Pushes: $0.005



Reputation Marketing



Today any customer can damage a business’s reputation online with just one bad review. Unfortunately, angry customers, unscrupulous competitors, and even former employees can leave dishonest reviews without your knowledge or control.


We specialize in helping you get rid of damaging negative reviews and work to build a 5-star online reputation that drives revenue!


If the reputation of your business is important to you and you want to build a 5-star reputation that will converts leads, drives sales, and grow your business, then I want to give you a FREE custom Reputation Report that reveals in detail your negative reviews.


Please call us at (916) 932-8550 for you Free Reputation Report and together we can begin to build you a 5-Star online reputation.


  Why You need Reputation Management?







Type In Any Business Name And Look What Show’s Up..Google+ Local







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Mobiles Apps



Mobile Marketing Tube (MMT) is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses.
With our solutions, you can engage, inform, and impress your customers. We also provide solutions that are specifically designed to help build brand loyalty and create frequent buyers for your business with the use of our check in coupon system.Our mobile app solution is completely customizable, so you can design your app specifically around your business and how you want your customers to interact with you.

Starting at just S750.00 (one time setup) and $147.00 a month for Unlimited “push” notifications (Maintenance, support, updates included). Updates to the app (i.e., adding or changing photos, adding content after setup such as changes or additions to business services)

*Mobile Apps.Set Up and Design, Registration with Android and iPhone stores starting at $750.00
($147.00 Monthly hosting licensing, Maintenance, Unlimited Push Notifications, *Updates/Changes) *See Agreement for monthly Updates/Changes

– Directly market to customers through in-app messages

– Create a social media buzz with our “Tell A Friend” feature

– Give customers GPS directions from anywhere

– Keep customers informed with business news and deals

– Provide customers with coupons right to their phones

– Allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily

– Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers

– Wow your customers, market your business, and make a mobile presence


  Why You need a Mobile App?




Mobile Marketing Tube (MMT)


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